Friday, July 17, 2009

New post... can you believe it?

So a little update on my life... I am living in Mississippi, as most of you know. I like it here for the most part but I am having trouble getting into the swing of things!!
Never in my life have I searched for a job. I have always just known someone that hooks me up, or my fabulous personality and my big boobs seal the deal with high paying jobs with good hours. There is not a market here for the makeup thing, well not to my standard I guess. I have sent my resume (medical, adminitrative and makeup artist) everywhere!! It kinda hurts my pride that I haven't got a bite!
I really regret not finishing college. I was so on the ball in high school, earning college credits and getting good grades.. Speaking of being on the ball in HS, what the crap happened to me? I was so good with grades, with working out and dieting. I had the best self control ever!! I had no problem making friends or going out! I dont know if I am getting old or because I am growing up my personality has changed for the worst!! When I think about myself 6-7 years ago, and think about myself now.. I am totally different!
I am ok with being different. I like myself now. I may not be as funny or as out going. But I am still a good person.
So to end this post... do I strive to be the old Mackenzie or just keep growing in the direction I am going?

Monday, December 29, 2008

Utah Cabin

Brie is a really hard sleeper
Jamie and Ed in the crazy snow

These boys say they don't like eachother.. Trae said " I don't love him cause he is a boy!"

Brie and Auntie Kenzie

All the kiddos piled up on Grandma and Grandpa's bed watching Home Alone

Say Hipopotomous

Baby Sophie

Friday, November 28, 2008

Mississippi Thanksgiving

I wanted to give the ones I love a little visual of all that I talk about. The 45 cars you see are going to be fixed because Kenny (step-dad-in-law) is a mechanic. If you want more info, you can talk to me... But Thanksgiving was nice. We saw Amanda, JT's sister and met her new boyfriend. We saw Connie (JT's Mom) sister Jan and her family. They camped out front. Kroger, the local grociery store catered for us!! Happy Thanksgiving!

Modeling the soon to be working Tow Truck
one of the many Rusty old cars.. homes of coons

Gina and I having fun

The 1830 chevy, and the house behind me

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Atlanta is where the players play

I was a hippy.. Laurie made me do it :)
Glenda the good witch and Laurie the mean witch

Reese/Dorthy, Asa/scarcrow and mark/cheriff

I of course stopped in Atlanta to see Laurie on my way to MS. I was there for halloween and I got to see how cute her girls were. She sewed their costumes insired by the wizard of oz. Enjoy!!

Dating Anniversary

pretend like he is not grabbing my boob, its really a cute shot
Exactly where he proposed

JT and I are definately not one of those couples who celebrate their monthly anniversary and since we were married in May we no longer celebrate our "Dating Anniversary", which in in October. But since we were in Newnan, GA on our dating anniversary we decided to go with some friends to that same Haunted house where our first date was and where he proposed.. for those of you who don't know the story.....

I was barely 19 when we went on our first date. He took me to a haunted house, which was appropriate seeing as though it was October. He was after me right when I moved to GA, and I was not interested cause he was old! 5 Months later of persistance, I decided to go out with him. I clearly had the upper hand in this date... he wanted me! As we were standing in line to enter the haunted house, we were having a great conversation. So great, that I was getting really shy and nervous and I couldnt even talk because I was all of a sudden soooo into him. I could tell that he now had the upper hand and he was loosing interest in me. I was not being that crazy, confidant, fun, outgoing girl he thought I was. I knew I needed to do something risky to get the upper hand. So when we entered the house, and it was pitch black.. I grabbed collar and slammed him against the wall and put my lips almost to his and then I walked away... I then knew I had the upper hand, and thats when he fell in love with me, so he says.

2 years later, he took me to the same haunted house on that same day.. and slammed me against the wall in that same place and asked me to marry him.

Should I go to Hair School?

My friend Whitney lets me do her hair all the time, up does, color, extentions, ect! I am trying to decide if I should go to hair school. I love doing the makeup, and I like hair. I still can't decide what to do when I grow up. I know I don't want to be behind a retail makeup counter.. check out these pics and see if I have the talent? It sucks that I have a sister that is brilliant with hair. I am always second best to that little stupid princess.. JK stacy... love ya.

Edgar and Jamie in Naples, Florida

I keep telling Ed he should do some male modeling

He is really really really white, he had to wear spf 60

I love my Jamie!! You make me laugh and you make
really cute kids

You know they have been married for 7 years, and they still
"kiss" everyday :)

3 definate Obama haters... well Ed has a little crush on his
politics, but Jamie said she would divorce him for being an "Obama lover"

Jamie loves boobs

Jamie and Ed came to see me in Florida cause I moved to Mississippi. I am so glad they came! I was awfuly lonely cause JT had been in Mississippi for a month or so for training. I wish he could have joined us cause he thinks Ed is the cat's meow (not in a gay kind of way, more of an XBOX kind of way). But we had so much fun!! We took advantage of Naples beautiful beaches and all the fabulous restaurants.